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About Drone Camp

Drone Camp drives to create the most innovative and engaging programs possible for both the public and organisations, using the latest and greatest drone technology. Our Courses and programs cover from the fundamentals of how drones fly up all the way to how to fly a drone.

ABC News

In late 2018 we delivered a workshop to students from 10 different schools on the Sunshine Coast and was featured in a National ABC news article.

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In Mid 2019 Drone Camps delivered a workshop to girls only to get more girls to take an interest in STEM projects and was featured in Noosa News article .

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In mid 2019 Drones Camps Programs were featured in a my weekly preview article.

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FPV Racing Drone

Strap yourself in for Drone Camp, an awesome program where you’ll learn to build, fly and race an FPV drone over 4 days. FPV Drone Racing is one of the fastest rising sports in the world and allows pilots to experience an amazing sense of flying. FPV or “First Person View” drones are flown at high speed around obstacle courses, giving pilots the sensation of being at the controls of a stunt aircraft. Getting to grips with FPV drones is an ideal introduction to the computer science and engineering principles that underpin robotics and unmanned vehicles. Drone Camp is a great way to have fun, develop valuable new skills and get inspired by the possibilities of new technology.

Structure of 2020 Drone Camp Program:

Monday 13th of Jan 10 am – 12 pm

CQUniversity Noosa

Introduction to the World of Drones and utilising the computer facilities at CQU. We will be learning how to control a drone via the flight simulator, Lift-Off before we fly an actual Racing Drone the following day.


Tuesday 14th of Jan 

CQUniversity Noosa 10 am – 12 pm

The configuration software Beta flight will be used to program their drones. Participants will be provided with another opportunity to increase their flying skills on Lift Off.

Noosa Leisure Centre 1pm -4pm

Students will learn basic drone flying skills such as how to hover and fly around a course in FPV. Drones and FPV gear will be provided.

Wednesday 15th of Jan 10 am – 1 pm

Peregian Beach Digital Hub

We will be looking at how drones are used in modern society. Participants will learn about each component and what role it plays in the drone’s architecture.


Thursday 16th of Jan 1pm -4pm

Noosa Leisure Centre

Race Day: Participants take each other on in an FPV racing tournament where they can put their flying skills and knowledge to the test.


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Thank you to everyone who supports this program!